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FOLS for Men Moisturizer Review

So, yeah, you can tell by the title that I’m switching gears here a little bit. After all, what would I be doing with a review of a men’s skincare product? Well, my boyfriend has always been pretty hands-off when it comes to taking care of his skin. He pretty much doesn’t use any products at all, and when he does, it’s usually a generic store brand cheap product.

You all know how much I care about health and beauty and everything that goes along with it, and I like my man to be the same. Even if he begrudgingly doesn’t like to do it. So I came across this new brand of skincare products that were designed by men for men and I picked up their moisturizer for him.

Best Moisturizer for Men

I’m all about natural products, so when I saw their natural moisturiser for men, I just had to hop on it. Since forcing it upon him – seriously, I had to plead with him to start using a product of any kind – he has become a true follower! It has become part of his daily routine, morning and night. He particularly likes to use it after shaving as it really calms the skin.


The ingredients list is the first thing that popped out at me when researching this product. Tons of natural extracts and oils in this moisturiser. Just to name a few:

  • Sunflower Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Apricot Oil
  • Lime Essential Oil
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Cedarwood Essential Oil

What I Love (or He Loves) About This Product

So I’ve tried this product out for myself as well, so I feel I can speak to it, and my boyfriend echoes my comments. I like that it keeps the skin hydrated throughout the day. With his generic store brand moisturizing products, it provided temporary relief, but you just needed to reapply again later on in the day. This creates a barrier to lock moisture in and lasts all day. It works so well that he’s begun applying it all over his body.

I also enjoy that it has natural anti-aging ingredients. At our age, we haven’t begun to show wrinkles (yet), but I like using this as a preventative measure. On top of that, it also has SPF protection. Mindyou, it is rather low at 6 SPF, but that is better than nothing and provides a bit of protection from the sun without the need of putting on sunblock.

FOLS for Men facial moisturiser

This skin cream works particularly well on dry and sensitive skin, which describes my boyfriend to a “T”. Ever since he began using it, all those issues have cleared up dramatically. I don’t know whether it’s just genetics, the sun, the environment, or whatever, but he was always having breakouts of dry, flaky skin, and he hasn’t had any bouts of that in quite a while since using this cedarwood facial moisturizer.

How to Use

Just put a teaspoon amount of this moisturizer into your hands and rub into the skin – easy as that! It’s best recommended for post-shaving, but really, it’s a great moisturizer all around that you can use daily for all purposes. We absolutely love it!

That Booty Tho Review by Anese

You spend so much time and money on skin products for your face, ignoring the fact that there are other parts of the body that need your attention too. Your butt for example, is a magnet for many guys out there. (Well, so are our vaginas, let’s be real!)  So why is your skincare drawer lacking something for your butt?

That booty tho is one of a kind beauty scrub made for the butt. That’s right, you heard it correct. This little concoction was made to give your butt a VIP skincare treatment so it stays soft, free of cellulite, and stretch marks.

Anese That Booty Tho Butt Mask

The super fine butt scrub is made with essential fatty acids, and is rich in antioxidants. It effectively targets cellulite, stretch marks, helps with scars, fights back acne and discoloration, specifically on the butt.

Women these days are going far and wide to have a dream body. They spend hours and hours in the gym trying to shape their booty so that they can flaunt it on the beach. But going to the gym and working your ass out 24/7 isn’t going to get you an ass like J’lo. Even if you spend months shaping your thighs, cellulite and stretch marks will never go away because they’re a skin issue. And for skin issues, you have to use skin products.

Note: Video is NOT mine.  Just for illustrative purposes.

That Booty Tho has quickly become the ultimate solution to a problematic butt. The scrub costs only $28 which is surprising for a scrub that contains rare ingredients such as Organic Aloe Leaf Juice, Walnut Shell Powder, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Vitamin E, Organic White Willow Bark Extract, Rosehip Seed Oil, Organic Jojoba Seed Oil, and more.

According to many women who have used That Booty Tho, it is a perfect short term and long term solution for a firm, soft, cellulite, and stretch marks free butt. However, constant application of the scrub is needed to get the perfect results. It’s much like using an eye serum or any other skin care product. In fact, when you stop using it, the effects may start to wear off, especially if you use it in the short term.

But when you actually go out of your way and scrub your ass regularly with this little magic booty scrub, you’ll be surprised how much it can benefit you in the long term. Coupled with exercise in the gym, constant application of the scrub can have long lasting effects that remain well over for years to come.

How to use That Booty Tho

That Booty Tho should be used just like any other beauty scrub. For those of you, who have never used a scrub in your life, just insert two fingers into the jar, take it out a bit, and scrub your butt and legs. You can do this while you are in the shower or when you feel like being butt naked in your room.

Whatever the case, you will need to lie down and scrub your butt for a little while. So make sure you have ample time on hand when you are ready to apply it.

Tracy Maltas is LA’s Hottest Female Realtor

Tracy Tutor Maltas is very well known in the real estate world. She is the most recent participant in the reality TV show ‘Million Dollar Listing’. Tracy appeared on the 10th season of the show which was held in Los Angeles on the Bravo Network. This was an interesting step by the show to add a female real estate agent on the lineup after being on air for almost 9 years.

She is, in my opinion, the most trending female real estate agent in the game, not just Los Angeles.

About Tracy Maltas

On the 10th season of Million Dollar Listings, Tracy who is a Los Angeles native used her extensive knowledge of 15 years in real estate business to show her skills and how a strong personality and confidence can help anyone to dominate this highly competitive industry in Los Angeles. Her inclusion in the show should come as no surprise because she is considered one of the biggest powerhouses in the real estate business as she has helped in selling some of the most expensive homes in the city of lights.

At the moment, Tracy Maltas is working with some of the top real estate agents for the company Douglas Elliman California and she has continued to excel in her field because she is part of a very top of the mountain team. She has worked really hard to develop some very strong relationships in the industry and is personally in contact with some of the biggest builders, designers, architects and more in Los Angeles.

You can read more about her bio here:  http://www.flippingmentors.com/tracy-tutor-maltas-bio-million-dollar-listing-los-angeles/

Tracy is also often credited for representing some of the biggest and most powerful and popular brands in the real estate world. Due to this, she has been able to complete a deal worth $400 million in a branded real estate development. In her latest venture, Tracy has now chosen to represent the newest Hollywood Edition Hotel and Residences which launched in Los Angeles in the beginning of this year.

Maltas is also very popular on Instagram for her presence on the social media platform. Unlike other celebrity real estate agents, Tracy regularly posts on her social media sties and has successfully amassed a fan following of 50,000+ followers with almost 500+ posts on Instagram alone. So if you want to learn from her and what she does on a daily basis, following her Instagram is the best way to get there.

Tracy regularly posts about a wide variety of topics on her account. She lets people in on her television show and real estate adventures as she excels and make deals on high-end properties.

As far as her net worth goes, Tracy has been able to close some huge deals including the $400 million deal mentioned above. She has also managed to sell a luxury home in Malibu for $11.8 to Hollywood star Edward Norton. Apparently, she also sells many other million-dollar homes every year to big investors and stars of America. As from her deals, you can well imagine that Tracy is a multi-millionaire and you don’t need an actual figure to prove her net worth.

Growth Factor Plus Pills Review

Growth Factor Plus pills

In the recent time, Growth Factor Plus has created a lot of buzzes in the social media and community. Most of us usually focus on the other forms of enhancements but this one is a bit different. You might be wondering what makes this product so different from the other products available in the market. Well, this product is formulated in a special way and it works as height enhancer. People who are on the shorter side can take this supplement to increase their height. We have seen a lot of products but do all of these work? Well, no. Does growth factor work? Let’s find out.

In the recent time, I have come across more than 100 articles for the benefit of this supplement and I actually wanted to see if the hype was true or an exaggeration of the users.

I am going to answer the big question- does this product work? Yes, it does but there is a limit to the effectiveness of this product. Suppose, you are 6’5” and if you start taking this supplement you cannot expect to gain height because you have already reached a certain limit. The company of this product does not also make any promises like these. Again, at the same time, you cannot expect to grow by 6 inches or more by taking this supplement because this is not at all possible. So, what you can actually expect by using this? The answer is a modest gain of height.

If your genes allow then you can grow up to 3 inches in 2 months. There are some people who gained around 4 inches in the same time span. Actually, this probably depends on the genetic limit of an individual. If this limit allows then he or she can grow more.

The Ingredients in Growth Factor Plus

The best thing about this supplement is made from all the natural products so it does not have any side effects. It has HGH or the human growth hormones which will help you to grow taller. So, if you have ever thought that you are short then it is the right time you should bring some changes. You will be astonished by the before and after the result of the product.

We broke down the ingredients of the pill and found that Chromium, Phosphatidylcholine, Colostrums, Proprietary blend and Pituitary Concentrate together makes a special type of ingredient that helps in making a person taller in height. There comes from absolutely natural sources and like I mentioned it does not have any side effects.

This supplement works great but after a certain time your growth will stop and this is the time you know you have reached your limit. Start taking it from today, you will be able to see the changes yourself. Just measure your height and then start taking it, you will be supplied to see the before and after the result.

Finding the Best Power Bank Available

If you are out and about, like I am, you are well aware of the fact that your smartphone often runs out of battery when you are out for long periods of time and constantly use your phone connected to the internet. Although phones have come quite far, there is still a recognized problem with battery running out quickly.

I get sooo annoyed when I’m traveling and lose my charge.  Nothing chaps my ass more than running out of batteries.  Lucky for me, and now you, I have found a solid resource to get the truth about which power banks actually work!

What to Look For In Power Bank Reviews

Here’s a sneak peak of where I learned this:  https://top10bestpro.com/best-portable-power-banks/

To help you keep your phone running on the go, companies have created power banks which can give your phone a full charge in an emergency. But since there are so many power banks available through different brands, which one should you choose for your phone? We have listed down some of the most important guidelines below that will help you find the best power bank for your phone.

Charge capacity

Every power bank comes with a charge capacity. The capacity is measured in mAH which is synonymous with the amount of charge your phone can hold. When buying the power bank, make sure that the power bank matches your phone’s battery mAH. For example, if your phone has a battery of 1500 mAH, then you should go for a power bank with 1500 mAH. A 1500 mAH battery power bank will give your phone a full charge. If it is less than that, then your phone will only be charged up to 50 – 70%. For larger batteries, get a larger power bank.


Power banks come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the battery size, these can be often quite big and not suitable to carry on the go especially if you intend to carry a power bank in your pockets. So consider the size of the power bank especially if you are going to keep it in your pocket all the time.

USB charging capability

Old power banks come with a separate cable that needs to be carried with you at all times. But the newer ones offer USB charging which means you can use your phone’s charging cable to charge the phone without the worry of carrying the power bank with an attached cable.

Phone support

Make sure the battery pack you are buying supports your phone. Some early versions of power banks do not support certain phone brands. So double check with the manufacturer if the power bank supports all kinds of phones. This is usually determined by the voltage the battery pack runs on.

Is Vagina Tightening for Real? Seductiva Review

Since the first product by Seductiva that I last spoke about here was such a hit, I agreed to be open to reviewing my products by this brand.

Today, I take you on a path that I’ve never gone down before.  That path is vaginal rejuvenation.

Whoa.  Just…..whoa. 

This topic is so odd to me, because let’s be honest, do I need this?  I haven’t had any kids yet, and I’m very sheepish about sex in general, nor do I feel like I have any need to tighten my vagina.

BUT, hey, as I get older, I just figured that I want to take care of every part of my body.  Yes, even my “hoo ha.” 

So let me open by just talking about this topic in general.  Again, this is really unchartered waters for me, and I almost feel embarassed to talk about it.

Are you a woman who is experiencing mundane sex life. If you have stopped feeling the amazing pleasure you used to get every time you had sex, chances are that your vagina has become loose. All women go through this phase in their life because of many reasons. Child birth and aging are one of the biggest reasons your vagina may loosen up and may not produce as much pleasure as it used to.

Although there are many solutions available to fix a loose vagina, one of the most popular but feared one is going through surgery. There are many skin specialists that offer vaginal rejuvenation treatment but it involves a scary knife and a very uncomfortable procedure that isn’t a thing for every woman.

If the idea of going through a knife scares the living hell out of you, then you should not worry because there are other just as effective methods available to treat this problem. Today we are going to look at SkinPro vaginal tightening gel which has become quite popular with woman who once had the problem of a loose vagina.

Seductiva Gel

Skinpro’s vaginal tightening gel is an advanced new formula that works so good that you won’t even remember having a loose vagina. Applying the gel regularly according to the packaging information has allowed millions of women around the world experience great sex even after giving multiple births. Every time their vagina went a little loose, seductive vaginal tightening gel was there to help.

One of the reasons why this gel is so effective is that it is made with grade A ingredients only. These ingredients have been obtained from rare sources and have been formulated in a facility that uses state of the art technology and propriety methods to create effective skin care products. This is just one of the reasons why seducitiva Skinpro vaginal tightening gel is so effective.

The main function of this vaginal tightening gel is to bring back that youthful feeling inside your vagina that you once had. It tightens the vagina walls so well that it once again becomes tight enough to feel good sex.

SkinPro vaginal tightening cream is readily available from many pharmacies in the U.S or through the internet. You can use it for as long as it requires to get the best results. But make sure you use it according to the packaged information.

So how did I make out with this product? 

Well, I’m in week two of testing.  I’ll be back soon to report my results.  (As shy as I am, YES, I will report my results.)

If you are interested in this product, it’s on Amazon.com.

Seductiva Intimate Zone Lightener Review

One of the most natural phenomenon of the skin is that it turns the private or sometimes called ‘intimate’ zones of the body 5 times darker than the rest of the skin on the body. Have you ever wondered why this happens in the first place? This is because our intimate zones are rarely exposed to the outside light which causes the skin to release a darker pigment in these areas. But in 2017, people want perfect skin. They want every single thing to be perfect and the dark color is now getting in the way of many women.

Why the Seductiva Skin Lightener is All The Rage

The dark skin around intimate zones has caused many women to lose confidence and think that there is something wrong with their body. The truth is that every single person living today have dark skin on their intimate zones. They get their skin to lighten up by using several products that are designed to help them lighten up skin color. This is true for many other parts of the body for which people use fairness creams to get their skin to become lighter in color.

Skin Lightening

If you have been wondering all your life why other people (notably people on TV) do not have dark skin on their intimate zones, then you now have an answer that these people use treatments. You can find your very own treatment of dark skin in private zones in the form of Seductiva Intimate Zone Lightener.

The intimate zone lightener by Seductiva was especially developed for men and women who do not like the idea of having dark skin down there, especially when they keep moving from one sexual partner to another. Imaging showing your dark skin to someone who has treated their skin to the perfection. You will instantly turn them off with the dark color of your intimate zones.

The practice of lightening your intimate zones up a few shade has become so much common these days that now dark skin is associated with laziness and hygiene itself. So it is a good idea to use Seductiva intimate zone lightener to bring a new life into your intimate zones by lightening them up to five shades lighter.

I’ve read about it on this site, as well as on this website, and it’s getting rave reviews on Amazon.com.

In order to get the product to work, apply it on the intimate zones of your body that have dark color for as long as you require. Apply twice a day for best results.

Hair Loss Products for Women

While hair loss is more common in men, women also suffer from it, and it badly affects their lives. The cause and result of the hair loss vary from person to person. And hence the treatment of the hair loss also varies according to the cause behind it. There are many hair loss products for women that offer excellent and effective results. The results derived from this hair product help women in getting healthy hair that makes them look happy and confident.

As the cause differs, thankfully, there are many hair loss products for women to choose from that will help them in finding the solution to the problem of thinning hair or hair loss.

Benefits of using hair loss products for women

Using hair growth products offer many amazing benefits. Some of the major benefits of hair loss products are:

  •    If you are experiencing thinning of hair, you might see that it is a hard problem to deal with. One of the major benefits of hair loss products for women is that they reverse the thinning of hair and help in stimulating the hair growth.
  •    There are many hair growth products that along with stimulating the hair growth also clean the scalp thoroughly. These hair loss products come with certain cleaning agents that clean the scalps. As these products help in opening up the scalp pores and thus results in the hair growth.

Hair loss products for women:

When you are experiencing hair fall, you look for a powerful product that will help you combat the issue and offer effective results. Here are some of the products that will assist you in treating the hair loss and stimulate hair growth

  •    Provillus for Women

Provillus for women is one of the popular hair growth products that help in fighting hair loss. The products incorporate an ingredient that is scientifically approved by the Federal agency of Food and Administration to combat hair loss. Along with other powerful ingredients, this product helps in revitalizing your hair and stimulates hair growth.

Provillus for women helps in:

Strengthening the hair

Providing healthier hair

Adding volume

Adding shine and luster

  •    Nioxin Hair Products

Nioxin Hair Product is a well-recommended hair product for those who are dealing with thinning of hair. This product helps in restoring the hair loss and provides you with healthy looking hair. The Nioxin hair products consist of 8 systems, and the working of each system depends on the hair type.

Tips and Pointers on Choosing a High Quality 2 Carat Diamond Ring

The very best 2 Carat Diamond rings shine, dazzle and really show off their brilliance. It is hard to find a well cut diamond of this carat weight and during the search process you have to pay extra close attention. When making such a large purchase, it is crucial to select the seller, diamond and ring carefully.

There are few key components that must be examined when searching for the perfect 2 Carat Diamond Ring. If you want to get the best value for you hard earned money, it is important to know the basics of selecting a diamond that extraordinarily brilliant and full of life.

The Scarcity Factor

2 carat Diamond RingWhat a 2 Carat Diamond is referring to is simply how much the diamond weighs. What 2 a carat is equal to would be 0.4 grams or400 milligrams. It would be safe to say that a 2 Carat Diamond weighs about the same as half a raisin does. Keep in mind however, that due to their scarcity, you will rarely find a 2 Carat Diamond in a local store, if you do chances are that they will be of a low quality cut.

There are only a few online dealers that offer a variety of 2 Carat Diamonds which are really beautiful . There are differences in beauty and of course naturally there are significant price differences between various diamonds with around 2 carat in weight. Keep in mind however that more expensive doesn’t always equal a better diamond.

As far as pricing is concerned, every diamond is priced per carat. For example, a diamond that is 0.05 carat may cost around $1,400 a carat. The price of the diamond stone would then be $1,400 x 0.50, in other words $700. On top of that, as you reach weight categories that are higher, the price of a diamond per carat will also increase.

When it comes to diamonds, it is more about emotions and feelings and these large pricing jumps might appear to be subjective. They are not however as diamonds with a higher carat weight are much rarer. Plus there are the other diamond 4C factors that might make a huge price difference and add to the confusion. The diamond cut is one of these factors and there are many poorly cut diamond on the market.

Poor Cut Diamonds Comparison

The one and only reason why there are so many diamonds that are poorly cut is the fact that so many people place a higher priority on the carat weight. With that in mind, hopefully this article will help you make a smarter choice and not fall for one of those diamonds.

Basic Checklist

Regardless of the dealer you choose to work with, here are a few tips and pointers to keep in mind:

• Opt for a 2 Carat Diamond that has a GIA Grade of Excellent or an Ideal cut. The aspect that has the greatest impact on the brilliance and fire of a diamond is the cut. In other areas such as Clarity or Color you can reduce that grading, however never compromise on the cut.
• Before completing your purchase, compare cut quality, brilliance and price to other similar diamonds.
• The only 2 Carat Diamonds you should consider are those which carry either a GIA or AGS certificate. These are the two most reliable and trusted grading entities in the industry.
• Seek the assistance of diamond expert when searching for and reviewing diamonds. This can really save you from making a bad choice and also potentially save you lots of money.

How Can I Get the Best Value for a Diamond Ring that is 2 Carat?

2 Carat Diamond DemonstrationNaturally you will want to ask how much a 2 Carat Diamond Ring costs. As crazy as it may sound the price for a 2 Carat Diamond Ring could range anywhere between $5,000 to $60,000. It is easy to find a dull and poorly cut 2 Carat Diamond for even 80% less than what an exceptionally brilliant and Excellent cut Diamond will cost.

If you are looking to buy a diamond that is of a certain carat weight, like a 2 carat Diamond is, than the most important thing should be quality – even if this means slightly reducing your carat weight so that you stay within your budget, the end result will be far more worth it.

To guarantee that the diamond you are considering is in fact exactly what the diamond dealer says it is, make sure that the diamond includes either a GIA or AGS certificate. As mentioned above, these diamond grading entities are two of the most renowned and well respected ones which issue reports for diamonds that are accurate and consistent.

If a diamond seller is trying to persuade you to purchase a diamond that comes with a lab grading from any other entity, the best thing to do is to politely refuse that invitation. This might actually be an indicator that the actual quality of the diamond is far less than what they are making it out to be.

Here is some expert advice to help you select a 2 Carat Diamond that is exquisite but still a good deal for your money:

1. Diamond Shape

Your Personal preference will tell you which diamond shape to select. Most people buy round diamonds. However, some diamond shapes are way cheaper than others. The princess cut diamond for instance will cost 30% less than a round cut diamond with the same carat weight.

8 Diamond shapes

If you compare prices between different diamond shapes it can be a great way to get a more unusual diamond and additionally it can also save you money! Also make sure to match the shape that you choose with a setting which compliments it and offers great stability.

2. Diamond Cut

When it comes to the brilliance and sparkle of a diamond, the diamond cut is hands down the most important factor. When it comes to a 2 Carat Diamond, only choose an Excellent or ideal cut. For larger diamonds especially the cut becomes even more important!

3. Diamond Clarity

When it comes to a VS1 Clarity grade, you cannot see blemishes and inclusions with the naked eye. Although it will cost you more to purchase a higher Clarity grade, for those who do not have magnification tools on hand, it will go unnoticed. You can even pick a VS2 clarity grade and make a great deal on it!

4. Diamond Color

If a diamond is on the G to I range, to the naked eye it will appear colorless and will not cost as much as those in the D to F range. This makes especially sense if you put your diamond on a yellow gold or rose gold ring setting. This is due to the fact that the color of a diamond gets influenced by the surrounding ring metal as well!

In Conclusion

Nowadays, not only has the process of finding a 2 Carat Diamond Ring greatly been improved but it has also been simplified. Websites like Your Diamond Teacher – The Diamond Ring Informational Hub can also be of great help in your search. You can for instance focus on the elements which offer the highest level of beauty and value and pick your diamond strategically this way. Keep the tips and pointers offered in this article in mind and only do business with a diamond dealer that is well respected and has years of experience as well as high quality diamond certificates. This will guarantee that you walk away with a 2 Carat Diamond Ring that is worth your investment.

Skincare Choices: Home vs Clinic

The most important part of our daily beauty regimen is skincare. No one wakes up deciding to look their worst each day. Each of us does what we can to make our skin look healthy. As time progresses, our skin become wrinkled and bumpy and shows our true age. At some point, we ask ourselves if we are doing enough. Do we need professional treatments or can we repair our skin at home? Here are several popular treatments and how they compare.

Cosmetic Laser Procedures

Each cosmetic or medical grade laser uses a specific spectrum of light to target certain cells. They can be used for hair removal, scar or tattoo removal, skin resurfacing, and a variety of other treatments. Each device is set to perform a specific treatment. Lasers operate under two basic types – ablative and non-ablative. Ablative means it causes intentional injuries to the surface of the skin whereas non-ablative lasers leave the skin’s surface intact and undamaged.

There are few devices, mostly hair removals, that perform skincare treatments at home. Laser devices require that the operator is certified to handle them. Without specialized training, lasers can cause major injuries. Even if you can find laser hair removal equipment for sale, it will be incredibly expensive to use just for occasional treatments. These devices should be left to the experts to handle.


Microneedling is a process which uses a handheld device with a barrel on one end covered in tiny needles. The barrel is rolled over the skin using slight pressure in order to create tiny punctures or channels reaching the dermal or under layer of skin. By creating micro injuries, it stimulates the skin into creating fresh collagen, something our bodies produce less of as we age. To get the most of out the treatment, collagen or vitamin enriched creams are applied during treatment.

Anyone can purchase personal use microneedling devices, serums, and cleansing products to perform microneedling at home. They work for mild rejuvenation at home, but not on moderate issues. Home devices have limited needle lengths to protect users from injuring themselves. In the clinic, the trained technician may use longer or larger needles depending on what results you are looking for.

Skin Peels

Typically referred to as a chemical or facial peel, this procedure involves using an acid to “exfoliate” the skin. The area to be treated is cleansed, then a chemical solution is applied to the face, neck, or hands and left on for approximately fifteen minutes. It is then washed off the skin. Mild or superficial peels use alphaydroxy acids such as glycolic or fruit enzymes. They are also called lunchtime peels since they can be done during lunch breaks and still be back to work on time. Mild peels refresh the skin by only removing dead skin cells. Moderate and deep peels use harsher chemicals such as phenol to remove the surface layer of skin for more dramatic results. Only a clinic can provide moderate to deep facial peels.

You can purchase at home facial masks and peels. Typically, these products contain organic ingredients like cucumber or papaya as the base. They are applied to the skin, then peeled off once they have dried. They remove impurities from the skin, but do not treat deeper skin issues like acne, wrinkles and scarring.

Home vs. Clinic

No matter what the advertisers claim, products for use at home are not nearly as efficient as treatments performed in a clinic. Any product made for personal use is created to be safe for home users. The machines used in clinics require that the technician is certified to use cosmetic lasers and other devices safely on their clients. They must follow rules laid out by the Board of Health to protect clients from bacterial infections as well. Home users rarely maintain sanitary conditions in the same way.