Your Guide to Diamond Shapes

Buying a diamond is not just a significant financial investment, it has a lot of emotion attached to it. Often diamonds are given to a loved one on a very special occasion. That’s why, when buying a diamond, special care must be observed.

Diamonds come in various shapes and sizes and it is very important to know which shape is best for your loved one. Most of the times people who are receiving diamonds as a gift have a shape preference, but if you’re keeping this a secret, then you should at least know the different kinds of shapes of diamonds and how they affect rings and other pieces of jewelry.

I’m hoping that one day I can get the ring of my dreams, but hey, I’m probably a bit young to think about that just yet.  For now, I’m priding myself on educating myself about the various cuts and shapes of diamonds so I can walk in like a boss bitch like my gal Tracy Maltas and talk the game with the sales people!

Popular Shapes of Diamonds

Diamond Ring

Round Diamonds – The round diamond is probably the most popular diamond shape in the world. 75% of all diamonds sold are in round shape because of the mechanics of its shape. The round diamond is easily superior to many other fancy shapes by offering a proper reflection of light, and brightness.

Princess Cut Diamond – The princess cut diamond, like the round diamond, is one of the most popular fancy diamond shapes in the world. It is widely purchased for engagement rings.

Oval Diamonds – Oval cut diamonds are much similar to the round shaped diamonds, however, due to an added advantage of elongated shape, the diamond usually appears larger which makes it appealing to many.

Marquise Diamond – The marquise diamond is long and narrow, allowing it to give an illusion of bigger size. This diamond has the largest surface area of any other diamond when it is observed carat for carat.

Pear Shaped Diamonds – A combination of round and marquise shape, the pear-shaped diamond has a tapered point on one end, making it one of the best diamonds with perfect symmetry.

Cushion Cut Diamond – A square cut diamond with rounded corners, much like how a pillow is shaped. This is a classic cut that has been around for many years. It is one of the most popular diamond shapes next to the round diamond.

Emerald cut Diamond – Emerald cut diamonds are unlike other diamonds because of their unique step cuts. This makes the diamond uniquely shaped that is capable of producing a hall-of-mirrors effect.

Asscher cut diamonds – This diamond is similar to Emerald cut but has a square shape which gives it a larger step facet and a higher crown with a smaller table. This combination delivers more brilliance.

Radiant Cut Diamonds – The Radiant Diamond Cut is essentially a rectangular shaped diamond but has a complete brilliant cut facet pattern applied on the pavilion and crown. This gives the diamond a vibrant look. The modified shape of the square diamond perfectly comments square cornered or rounded diamonds.

Heart Shaped Diamonds – The heart-shaped diamond is a modified brilliant cut that is not only unique but also a symbol of eternal love. This shape is one of the most popular shapes for pendants. The shape requires a diamond larger than .50 carat to look its best.

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