What It’s Like Being Sedated

I just got completed sedated at a trip to my dentist during my awful slip and fall which led to a tooth extraction!  Today, I am going to educate everyone about what it’s like being sedated.  I think it’s important to reflect on because everyone thinks its this “feeling of euphoria.”

Sedation and Some Background

The entire purpose of oral sedation dentistry is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed if you are someone who is fearful or anxious about dental treatments all the time. It helps you to relax your mind and body and allows you to focus peaceful rather than fearful or anxious. Your nervousness and sensitivity to melts away, yet you remain in control and awake. Some people use terms such as “relaxation” or “comfortable” dentistry to describe the feelings produced by oral sedation most people get during their dental visits.

Effectiveness and Safety:

To experience dental procedures in a whole new way, oral sedation dentistry allows you the peace of mind and confidence. When you are feeling relaxed, you allow the dentist to work more competently to focus on the work and with the confidence that you are comfortable.

The safety of sedation medications is guaranteed by pharmacists and health professionals on a scale. Oral sedatives used in dentistry are least likely to cause an adverse reaction and are safe. In several oral sedatives include “amnesic” properties, which mean that after the treatment you remember too little.

Ensuring Safety- What to let your dentist know?

You should provide your doctor with complete health history which includes:

  • Medical conditions
  • All medications that are proscribed by the doctor
  • Certain foods: Even something that seems insignificant can have an effect on sedatives, such as grape juice.
  • To seek relief from anxiety and depression many people prefer herbal supplements. These can also have a mild effect with oral sedatives.
  • Also let your doctor know about alcohol consumption, as these can also highly influence the effectiveness of sedative medications.

Manage the medication yourself:

Oral sedation does not require injection so many people prefer this method. So if you are scared of needles, you don’t have to worry anymore. Oral sedative medications are given by mouth. They can just be swallowed whole or can be placed under your tongue to get dissolved. Many dentist prefer the medications to be dissolved under your tongue, as it takes less time and can be absorbed into the blood stream more quickly.

Other forms of Sedation Dentistry:

There can be several other form of oral sedation dentistry, one of which is the Inhalation Conscious sedation. Inhalation conscious sedation is an excellent analgesic. All bodily functions remain absolutely normal, just helps you relief the pain more easily and makes you feel comfortable.


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