Finding the Best Power Bank Available

If you are out and about, like I am, you are well aware of the fact that your smartphone often runs out of battery when you are out for long periods of time and constantly use your phone connected to the internet. Although phones have come quite far, there is still a recognized problem with battery running out quickly.

I get sooo annoyed when I’m traveling and lose my charge.  Nothing chaps my ass more than running out of batteries.  Lucky for me, and now you, I have found a solid resource to get the truth about which power banks actually work!

What to Look For In Power Bank Reviews

Here’s a sneak peak of where I learned this:

To help you keep your phone running on the go, companies have created power banks which can give your phone a full charge in an emergency. But since there are so many power banks available through different brands, which one should you choose for your phone? We have listed down some of the most important guidelines below that will help you find the best power bank for your phone.

Charge capacity

Every power bank comes with a charge capacity. The capacity is measured in mAH which is synonymous with the amount of charge your phone can hold. When buying the power bank, make sure that the power bank matches your phone’s battery mAH. For example, if your phone has a battery of 1500 mAH, then you should go for a power bank with 1500 mAH. A 1500 mAH battery power bank will give your phone a full charge. If it is less than that, then your phone will only be charged up to 50 – 70%. For larger batteries, get a larger power bank.


Power banks come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the battery size, these can be often quite big and not suitable to carry on the go especially if you intend to carry a power bank in your pockets. So consider the size of the power bank especially if you are going to keep it in your pocket all the time.

USB charging capability

Old power banks come with a separate cable that needs to be carried with you at all times. But the newer ones offer USB charging which means you can use your phone’s charging cable to charge the phone without the worry of carrying the power bank with an attached cable.

Phone support

Make sure the battery pack you are buying supports your phone. Some early versions of power banks do not support certain phone brands. So double check with the manufacturer if the power bank supports all kinds of phones. This is usually determined by the voltage the battery pack runs on.

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