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My Christmas Shopping Adventure

I’m about to go off to my favorite mall in the entire world, Aventura Mall, just north of Miami.  It’s known for being very upscale and affluent, and it’s really a great experience.  There is no other place for me to shop, because Bal Harbour Shops are a bit pricey and only have the uber high end shops.  Aventura, on the other hand, has the big department stores where you can shop for just about anyone.

So begins my Holiday shopping of 2015!

On my list this year is my Dad, who is like, impossible to shop for. He is really into sports, but has about everything you could imagine related to sports and recreation.  I could probably get him some Miami Dolphins apparel, but that’s about as original as a gift certificate.

After some research, I found some really cool stuff on a website called Things Men Buy – Cool stuff for Guys.

It pretty much shored up my holiday shopping for the men in my life:  my father, my brother, and my boyfriend.  On one review, I saw this awesome ugly Christmas sweater by TipsyElves.com.  That is PERFECT for my brother, since he is a super frat boy and goes to all of the zany South Beach parties of all sorts of themes.  He’ll wear that on a Tuesday and not really care either.  He’s just that type of guy.  So that makes things easy.  Some of the sweaters they have there are absolutely hysterical.  Use your imagination and think of sexual innuendos, and this website has it.

Brother – CHECK. 


Well, I kept surfing around for ideas and couldn’t come up with anything super solid.  But on that same product review site for guys I saw something that I know my Dad will like, and that’s the Greg Norman Golf Shirts.  He’s a big golfer and always wears different stuff, so I figure I’ll get him something there.  Done deal!

Dad – CHECK. 

Now, just up to my on again, off again, boyfriend.  That’s always the hardest one to shop for.  I looked up and down that website of things for men, but didn’t see anything for him that would suit his tastes.  He’s more of the fashionista than sports fan like my immediately family, so it’s not so cut and dry.

Officially, I’m losing my mind trying to figure out what to buy him!  Does anyone have any hints?  I mean, gift cards are so lame.  I can’t do that, there is zero creativity behind buying someone special a gift card. I feel like it’s a stock, go-to move if you have someone you have to shop for, but for a boyfriend I think it’s a little lame.

I’m officially opening this up to comments, because I need help.  I’d like to wrap this up in two weeks.  By the way, who said it doesn’t feel like Christmas in South Florida?

pic of santas enchanted forest