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Summer 2015 Gets Very Weird

So, Summer is coming right up.  Seriously, what is Spring anyways?  It’s about a 4 week stretch that runs after Easter Sunday and just encourages the light pinks, the off greens, and the canary yellow colors!  I feel like “Spring” is just a term made up to sell my clothing and create another season.  It really only exists in a few States in the USA, and let’s face it, nobody says “oh remember that Spring in 1978?”  They always refer to the Summer as the best season, so today I’m going to talk about some of the top stuff I see coming on the market this Summer.

Summer Fashion 2015

First, let’s look at some of the labels I’m going to be looking at.

Gucci – here is a look at their Spring / Summer campaign.  http://www.gucci.com/int/worldofgucci/iframe/spring-summer-campaign-2015

Gucci is always one of those brands that love ’em or hate ’em, they always bring it.  They make a bold statement and stick to their guns, so to speak.  You can always count on class combined with flash when you see anything by this top flight Italian brand.

Dolce & Gabanna – I read this first in Vogue Magazine, and WOW.  I was stunned.  Take a look at the below pics.  Please, someone, answer me, how is this “SUMMER?”  I mean come on, this looks like a Christmas fashion show if you ask me!  But then again, maybe that’s why I’m a student just coming up the ranks and why I’m not someone you should really count on for fashion tips!  Just joking, you know I really want to be looked at as someone who can be counted on for fashion advice, but I guess these bizarre outfits just really eat at me sometimes.  I mean look at these photos below and let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

Fur Coat Dolce & Gabanna

A fur coat, perfect for Summer?

Dolce & Gabanna Coat

This looks like something you’d see a King wearing in medieval times or something!

We can all agree that these are hideous, right? I mean, even the most lavish designers out there have to have an opinion for stuff that just doesn’t fit the season, and in my humble, tongue-in-cheek opinion, these are NOT Summer wardrobes.