Should I Become a Cosmetic Dentist?

Your smile goes a long way in really improving your outlook and personality as well as confidence which is needed to deal with people. Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of conventional dentistry that does just that through a variety of procedures which can improve the appearance of one’s teeth rather than dealing with mouth disease etc.

I’ve thought of being a dentist for quite a while, and now I’m really advancing those thoughts. 

The main domain of a Ft Lauderdale cosmetic dentist would be reshaping teeth and their contours as well as brightening one’s smile and creating dentures and the like. It is a very important sub-branch of dentistry and is not to be ignored.

One very common process that is opted for is bleaching. Over the years your teeth will sustain all types of stains which can be because of alcohol or smoking or even tea and betel leaf. Bleaching will restore them to good as new status and this procedure is very popular before special events such as a wedding for example. If you choose to do the process at home with a kit it may take you a few weeks to a month while the dentist can give you great teeth in less than 45 minutes.

Bonding is another process which is very commonly done and this is for people who have gaps in their teeth so a material is added which resembles closely natural teeth and it can be used to fill in those gaps. In the case of chipped teeth or teeth which have suffered decay, this might be the best choice as you are just plastering on a new coat. This process is used extensively for cavities as well.

Crowns also come under cosmetic dentistry and these for teeth which are more extensively damaged. The tooth is restored to its old appearance by the fixing of the crown and its abnormal cut is no longer visible. Crowns typically last the longest when compared with other procedures such as fillings but they do take a long time.

The use of veneers is also a cosmetic procedure in which plastic is applied on the top of teeth to make them look more presentable and also to cover up chipped teeth as well broken and crooked teeth. This process doesn’t take a long time which is why it is exceedingly popular. When crowns are considered too expensive, veneers are the next logical choice. They also change color and are likely to last longer than traditional bonding.

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