My Secret Source for Saving Money on Vapor Products

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Today I’m going to confess that I’m a huge fan of vapor products.  My friends and I used to be the type who went to hookah bars all the time, but then I found out how bad hookahs are for your


I’m a serial coupon clipper!

health, and I totally quit smoking hookah.  Instead, I turned to vapor products.

Along the way, I found a knack for hunting down ways to save money on this expensive habit.  Today, I’ll share my little hack with you on how I save money on electronic cigarettes and vapor products.

Saving Money on Vapor Products 101

There are hundreds of ecig companies out there, but if you are willing to spend a reasonable amount of money on your first ecig, then Green Smoke should be your first choice. The brand has developed considerably in the years following its launch and now is among the top ecig companies with the most extensive ranges. With a sales record of millions and an innovational strategy towards production, they has the most advanced design in the ecig area today. Flavor Shield is one of their most popular innovations which results in rich vapor and exceptional vapor production. Their ecigs are also able to trap flavor inside the cartridge (in most cases it leaks out of ordinary ecigs causing decreased satisfaction).

The other great thing about Green Smoke is its high manufacturing standards which mean that they don’t import low quality components and that everything is USA sourced from reliable suppliers. All the components are highly tested including the batteries against standards of safety. The batteries are also subjected to airflow tests.

Benefits Of Green Smoke

(I use it for not only the Green Smoke brand, but also for VaporFI.  Vapor FI coupons are very valuable because their devices can be very expensive.)  Not to confuse anyone today though, I’m just going to be talking about Green Smoke since it’s the brand I use on daily basis and most people agree they are the top tier brand that makes simple two piece e-cigs.

There are countless benefits of buying a premium brand such as Green Smoke. First things first, you get a throat hit like no other. Design concerns aside that is the first reason why people prefer this brand. Their ecigs also produce incredible vapor volume which again creates a very satisfying user experience. You also get all the benefits of the ecig technology such as being able to smoke indoors, no carcinogens and no third person risk. Green Smoke also excels in an area which is still a problem issue for most ecig companies even if they are otherwise brilliant. This is the case of removing cartridges and reinstalling them easily. Many brands make the mistake of gluing plastic caps to the cartridge which makes them an absolute chore to remove.


Green Smoke falls somewhat short in the battery department. It appears that their battery isn’t very responsive and that slows down the production of good vapor and also makes charging slightly inconvenient. Furthermore, since the company is a premium ecig brand it is considerably expensive given that you could get the same effect and spend a lot less money for it. The brand name is perhaps more important than the actual worth of the ecig itself. They are an older brand now and since they are consistently coming up with newer technologies, their prices also greatly reflects that. Green Smoke has also prioritized design requirements above all else which means they have limited flavor options so the more choosey vapers are still going to be left wanting despite paying a huge price for the product.

Vaping Performance

Many people who have tried Green Smoke have found it very difficult to stomach the taste of cheaper brands. It seems that their ecig is addictive in itself and they use combinations which cannot be easily replicated by cheaper companies. The vapor volume is considerable and the flavors are magnified even if they are fairly generic such as tobacco blends or menthol. The quality checks that are performed on each batch (only high end companies have this practice) guarantee freshness and brilliant vapor. The company also has affiliations with notable charities and they have a strong policy pro environment. Not to mention strict rules for underage vaping. If you are younger than 18, you cannot purchase a ecig. Their ecigs is one of the few ecigs out there that look exactly like a real cigarette with no different whatsoever. Like many other brands they want to recreate the smoker experience right down to what you see and feel in your throat.

Green Smoke Coupon codes

Like most other brands, the company believes in coupon codes and they appear sometimes on their official website where you order or on forums where the brand lovers discuss their favorite blends and aspects about this almost iconic ecig. These codes are usable on battery purchases, and on purchases of flavors, accessories, extra cartomizers and the like. Since the brand has really high prices, Green Smoke coupon codes are useful for regular purchases such as flavor refills which are needed again and again and for some people in larger amounts.

I can’t stand this company she is promoting, but I’m a big fan of Jenny McCarthy and I thought this sexy video was worth including for people who don’t know much about vaping.

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