My Awful Slip and Fall

So I was out in lovely South Beach this weekend when some drunk person totally messed up my life.  

I didn’t want to come and tell this story online and have everyone know about it, but I figured it was worth telling because there is a good ending.  Anyone living in Miami / Fort Lauderdale can certainly appreciate where I’m coming from with this story because finding reliable help in any service industry is darn right impossible!

So, I’m out with my girls.  We have a few drinks at the posh, lovely Delano Hotel.  If you haven’t been there, it’s a paradise!  It’s right on the water, and has scenic views of the beach amidst a tropical pool setting.  Celebrities are everywhere at this lavish hotel.  They always have been.  Even Jay Z raps about it.  It’s really a cool, chic spot.

So we start there and have a few of their specialty cocktails.  Check out the video to see how awesome and gorgeous this hotel is!

After a lovely time there, we make our way to the more “aggressive” club scene.  Cameo!  Cameo is a big time club that used to be called Crobar.  It’s a spot that most people around town know well, and it’s a spot that a lot of people will beg to gain entry to.  It’s very hard to get passed the velvet ropes and make your way into the three different varying areas with DJ’s.  Well, we were dressed right, so we got in.

After a few hours of music and dancing there, we decided it was time to go.  Well, on our way out, some totally drunk guy picks a fight with some other equally drunk guy.  What a mess this was turning out to be!  We were trying to avoid this at all costs.  But, the fight spilled over to the bottle service area, where we were trying to hide out and take cover.  But it wasn’t enough.  The fight got bigger, and got bigger, and all of a sudden there were people within mere feet of me pushing and shoving, with security intervening and ready to crack skulls.

Finally, from behind I’m throttled in the back, and all 98 pounds of me went flying into the wall – face first!  

I initially thought I broke my nose, because it was bleeding.  But it wasn’t that – it was my teeth – I was bleeding profusely.  What was I going to do on a late night with necessary dental work?

Fortunately for me, my dentist (in Fort Lauderdale FL) is on call and took my friends frantic call. I went to get emergency work done and well, I can report that all is well now. It’s been 4 days and I’m feeling back to normal.  I have to say, if you are a Miami or Fort Lauderdale resident and looking for the most amazing dentist, check out my trusted source right here.  Without them, I’d probably be in pain without many teeth.  I was going to post photos, but this is a fashion blog and I’m not about to post something so grotesque.  I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Bayview Smiles.



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