Getting Old Sucks

As someone who works in entertainment, I always have to stay up on my good looks. ¬†ūüôā

As I talked about here, celebrities go to great miles to get rid of their dark under eye circles and other blemishes. ¬†It’s a constant battle to stay beautiful, and in this dog eat dog world, there is always someone trying to up their game and become the next talk of the town.

Today, I’m going to talk about my battle with eye wrinkles. ¬†Otherwise known as “crow’s feet,” these are the nasty spider like lines that emerge from the side of the eyes and start to climb up the face onto the forehead. ¬†Yuck! ¬†They make us look old, and resemble that of a crow’s foot.

My Attempt At Getting Rid of Crow’s Feet With a Cream

So in the past I’ve talked about what I do to look my best. ¬†Today, I took a serious leap of faith and invested in this product, maybe you’ve heard of it. ¬†It’s called “Elite Serum Rx.” ¬†That’s the link to it’s page. ¬†After passing up on botox this month (mostly because my friend Gina did it and I was terrified – check out the video she made below for a skin care website), I decided it was time to invest in something that had the ability to not only get rid of my fine lines but also NOT BE INVASIVE OR CAUSE PAIN.

This is a big thing for me, because I’m terrified of pain and needles!

I found out about this product by reading a ton of eye serum reviews, mainly the ones on this eye serum website. ¬†It talks about how it’s been manufactured in a laboratory in Florida by a pharmacist. ¬†Sounds fancy, right?

Well, there are a number of good reviews, over 600 in fact, on their Amazon page. Their founder writes as an anti aging expert at the Huffington Post, so that should tell you something as well. ¬†They cite science, and the use of the Argireline peptide in the cream, for it’s amazing ability to fight fine lines and make people look younger. ¬†When I did some advanced research, I found that many people are singing praises about this product, especially

Check out the amazing research on this product at the link below:

Argireline peptide studies & report:

You can see the amazing stats and why it’s been heralded by people like Dr. Oz.

Well, mine is in the mail. ¬†I’m officially going to start my 30 day quest to look my best, as I call it around my house.

In addition, I’m doing this cleanse. ¬†I think cleansing should be done at least once a month, although I’m really going to be missing my favorite foods over the next five days.

I’ll be back to update you guys in a few weeks!

Happy Friday!



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