FOLS for Men Moisturizer Review

So, yeah, you can tell by the title that I’m switching gears here a little bit. After all, what would I be doing with a review of a men’s skincare product? Well, my boyfriend has always been pretty hands-off when it comes to taking care of his skin. He pretty much doesn’t use any products at all, and when he does, it’s usually a generic store brand cheap product.

You all know how much I care about health and beauty and everything that goes along with it, and I like my man to be the same. Even if he begrudgingly doesn’t like to do it. So I came across this new brand of skincare products that were designed by men for men and I picked up their moisturizer for him.

Best Moisturizer for Men

I’m all about natural products, so when I saw their natural moisturiser for men, I just had to hop on it. Since forcing it upon him – seriously, I had to plead with him to start using a product of any kind – he has become a true follower! It has become part of his daily routine, morning and night. He particularly likes to use it after shaving as it really calms the skin.


The ingredients list is the first thing that popped out at me when researching this product. Tons of natural extracts and oils in this moisturiser. Just to name a few:

  • Sunflower Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Apricot Oil
  • Lime Essential Oil
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Cedarwood Essential Oil

What I Love (or He Loves) About This Product

So I’ve tried this product out for myself as well, so I feel I can speak to it, and my boyfriend echoes my comments. I like that it keeps the skin hydrated throughout the day. With his generic store brand moisturizing products, it provided temporary relief, but you just needed to reapply again later on in the day. This creates a barrier to lock moisture in and lasts all day. It works so well that he’s begun applying it all over his body.

I also enjoy that it has natural anti-aging ingredients. At our age, we haven’t begun to show wrinkles (yet), but I like using this as a preventative measure. On top of that, it also has SPF protection. Mindyou, it is rather low at 6 SPF, but that is better than nothing and provides a bit of protection from the sun without the need of putting on sunblock.

FOLS for Men facial moisturiser

This skin cream works particularly well on dry and sensitive skin, which describes my boyfriend to a “T”. Ever since he began using it, all those issues have cleared up dramatically. I don’t know whether it’s just genetics, the sun, the environment, or whatever, but he was always having breakouts of dry, flaky skin, and he hasn’t had any bouts of that in quite a while since using this cedarwood facial moisturizer.

How to Use

Just put a teaspoon amount of this moisturizer into your hands and rub into the skin – easy as that! It’s best recommended for post-shaving, but really, it’s a great moisturizer all around that you can use daily for all purposes. We absolutely love it!

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