Edgy Fashion : Straight Outta Fucks to Give Shirts!

Now this is bad ass, with a capital B!

We’ve all seen the famous “Zero Fucks Given” t-shirts made famous by the Chivery.

Well today, my fashionista friends, I have something very cool for you that kind of resonates with the crowd that’s into gangsta rap.  The N.W.A. crowd, if you will.

Straight Outta Fucks T Shirts are Here!

Yep, you can get these shirts at the official zero fucks website.

Straight Out of Fucks Shirt

Yeah, baby!


Above is a pic of the shirt.  Pretty bad ass, right? 

While I’m a pretty stylish gal, I like to show some attitude once in a while.  This shirt does that, and more.  I’ve rocked it around South Beach and always get a pretty solid reaction.  It’s about time someone comes out with another edgy brand to compete with DymeLyfe down here. I love their stuff. If you like the Miami Heat, you HAVE to check out that brand as well.  They have shirts that say “Biscayne Boys,” and even some “Miami Wade County” shirts, making a play on the whole Miami Dade County we basically gave to Miami Heat Star player Dwayne Wade.

I also urge you to check out the official blog of ZeroFucks.com, because they talk about people who truly live the life of not giving a single fuck.  People like these Minnesotans with Hockey Hair, and of course, people like Jaromir Jagr, who was blackmailed by a much younger woman who took a selfie with the star hockey player after sleeping with him.  In true “ZFG” fashion, he didn’t care about it and went as far as saying “post it on social media.  He didn’t care.  Why would he, he’s a 40 something old man who had sex with a much younger woman!  He probably is wearing that like a badge of honor and bragging to his friends about it, knowing most of my male friends they would be doing the same thing.

Anyways, that’s my fashion update for today.  What do you guys think?  Fans of the brand?  Give me a comment below and I’ll be on the look out for anyone wearing these shirts.



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