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Bella Virtu Organics

Getting older is one of the more difficult things we have to experience in life. At one point life seems to shift and we no longer look like the young and vibrant person that we once were.

Seemingly out of nowhere, we suddenly see an older, worn-out, wrinkled person staring back at us when we look in the mirror. This timeworn person barely resembles who you think you are when you dig deep and conjure up memories of your life in your mind.

This can be very disappointing because life loves to throw us for a loop when least expected. But the signs of aging do not have to rule your world any longer.

Age Defying Nourishing Eye Serum from Bella Virtu Organics can make a real difference in your appearance because the formula is known for its ability to turn back the hands of time and reverse the signs of aging.

If you’re ready to take matters into your own hands, you can take action and begin looking younger again. We’ll tell you how it’s possible to reverse the signs of aging below.

An Encouraging Story from an Inspirational Customer

A reviewer on Amazon going by the name “Brighter Days” was very unhappy with their appearance. But after using this serum for two weeks straight, their raccoon eyes – a.k.a. the dark circles under and around their eyes – it eliminated half of the issue and minimized the dark circles.

Guess what? After using this product consistently, the reviewer felt rejuvenated and discovered that there was a natural and radiant glow underneath the dark circles. In fact, the results were so powerful and effective that they couldn’t have been happier with this product because it works so quickly.

The beauty of the age defying serum is its ability to work so fast. If you happen to be struggling with dark circles under your eyes, or wrinkles and puffy skin, you too can begin experiencing the benefits of this product in no time. Just try it and see if your results are as effective as or possibly even better than this happy reviewer.

Is This Formula Really Going to Work for Me?

If you are an honest person – and we bet you are – you probably have your doubts about the effectiveness of this or any other eye serum. The thing is, the story shared above is only one of many positive testimonials that customers felt compelled to leave when reviewing this product on Amazon.

Other customers took time to send an email to Bella Virtu Organics because they were so ecstatic with their results. You can read many of these powerful success stories right on their page titled “Love Letters.”

But the best way to determine if it works for you is to actually give it a try. Then you’ll have proof that it’s not only as effective as their website tells you, but it may even surpass your wildest dreams like it’s done for many other happy customers.

What makes the products from Bella Virtu Organics so special? Truth be told, the products are great because they are pure and they use only the best all-natural organic ingredients which makes them very safe. They have a positive reputation for revitalizing, rejuvenating, and nurturing skin back to a younger and suppler look through natural means.

The formulas they use are effective because they provide results very quickly. And since they only use organic USDA certified ingredients from top farms from around the country, you know that you’re getting the best from trustworthy ingredients that you can count on.

As far as the ingredients are concerned, this product is made up of powerful and very effective essential oils that include Blue Chamomile, Rosehip Seed, Pumpkin Seed, Castor Oil, and Helichrysum Essential Oil. Stick around to learn more about their active ingredients and benefits.

Bella Virtu Organics Age Defying Nourishing Eye Serum: A Brief Description

Simply put, this skincare product is made up of very effective essential oils. The combination of these oils creates soothing, rejuvenating, and calm skin under and around the eyes.

The potent components in this product are as follows:

  • Blue Chamomile – they chose this essential oil because it’s ideal for sensitive skin. It contains anti-inflammatory properties used to reduce the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, and swelling under and around the eyes.
  • Rosehip Seed – the beauty of using rosehip seed in this serum is that it has thoroughly undergone many tests performed in a laboratory setting. These tests have determined that it is an excellent ingredient to add in anti aging skin care products. It can diminish the appearance of scars and wrinkles, rejuvenate the skin, and even slow down the aging process. And the vitamin C within it can reverse damage to the skin caused by sunspots.
  • Pumpkin Seed – the skin care benefits of pumpkin seed essential oil are numerous indeed. Since this ingredient has a wonderful profile of vitamins and minerals, you shouldn’t be surprised that it contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, zinc, and vitamins A, C, and E. The combination of these vitamins and minerals eliminate wrinkles and smooth out the skin around the eyes, fight back against free radicals and help keep the skin moisturized, supple, and silky smooth.
  • Castor Oil – this essential oil is a good option because it cures styes, clears up acne, and it can even help lessen or eliminate unwanted wrinkles around the eyes.
  • Helichrysum Oil – this effective skin care essential oil was chosen because it can stimulate the regeneration of tissue, improve skin coloration, and the anti-inflammatory properties improve skin under and around the eyes to make it look young, fresh, and rejuvenated once again.

In Closing…

Many of us try hard to look and feel our best. But aging has a mind of its own and it’s very difficult to slow the hands of time if you aren’t prepared.

Age Defying Nourishing Eye Serum by Bella Virtu Organics can make a positive difference in the appearance of the skin under and around your eyes. This product is proven to work, it uses USDA certified organic ingredients, and it’s recommended by skin care specialists and previous happy customers so it’s gotta be good.

Tracy Maltas is LA’s Hottest Female Realtor

Tracy Tutor Maltas is very well known in the real estate world. She is the most recent participant in the reality TV show ‘Million Dollar Listing’. Tracy appeared on the 10th season of the show which was held in Los Angeles on the Bravo Network. This was an interesting step by the show to add a female real estate agent on the lineup after being on air for almost 9 years.

She is, in my opinion, the most trending female real estate agent in the game, not just Los Angeles.

About Tracy Maltas

On the 10th season of Million Dollar Listings, Tracy who is a Los Angeles native used her extensive knowledge of 15 years in real estate business to show her skills and how a strong personality and confidence can help anyone to dominate this highly competitive industry in Los Angeles. Her inclusion in the show should come as no surprise because she is considered one of the biggest powerhouses in the real estate business as she has helped in selling some of the most expensive homes in the city of lights.

At the moment, Tracy Maltas is working with some of the top real estate agents for the company Douglas Elliman California and she has continued to excel in her field because she is part of a very top of the mountain team. She has worked really hard to develop some very strong relationships in the industry and is personally in contact with some of the biggest builders, designers, architects and more in Los Angeles.

You can read more about her bio here:

Tracy is also often credited for representing some of the biggest and most powerful and popular brands in the real estate world. Due to this, she has been able to complete a deal worth $400 million in a branded real estate development. In her latest venture, Tracy has now chosen to represent the newest Hollywood Edition Hotel and Residences which launched in Los Angeles in the beginning of this year.

Maltas is also very popular on Instagram for her presence on the social media platform. Unlike other celebrity real estate agents, Tracy regularly posts on her social media sties and has successfully amassed a fan following of 50,000+ followers with almost 500+ posts on Instagram alone. So if you want to learn from her and what she does on a daily basis, following her Instagram is the best way to get there.

Tracy regularly posts about a wide variety of topics on her account. She lets people in on her television show and real estate adventures as she excels and make deals on high-end properties.

As far as her net worth goes, Tracy has been able to close some huge deals including the $400 million deal mentioned above. She has also managed to sell a luxury home in Malibu for $11.8 to Hollywood star Edward Norton. Apparently, she also sells many other million-dollar homes every year to big investors and stars of America. As from her deals, you can well imagine that Tracy is a multi-millionaire and you don’t need an actual figure to prove her net worth.

My Awful Slip and Fall

So I was out in lovely South Beach this weekend when some drunk person totally messed up my life.  

I didn’t want to come and tell this story online and have everyone know about it, but I figured it was worth telling because there is a good ending.  Anyone living in Miami / Fort Lauderdale can certainly appreciate where I’m coming from with this story because finding reliable help in any service industry is darn right impossible!

So, I’m out with my girls.  We have a few drinks at the posh, lovely Delano Hotel.  If you haven’t been there, it’s a paradise!  It’s right on the water, and has scenic views of the beach amidst a tropical pool setting.  Celebrities are everywhere at this lavish hotel.  They always have been.  Even Jay Z raps about it.  It’s really a cool, chic spot.

So we start there and have a few of their specialty cocktails.  Check out the video to see how awesome and gorgeous this hotel is!

After a lovely time there, we make our way to the more “aggressive” club scene.  Cameo!  Cameo is a big time club that used to be called Crobar.  It’s a spot that most people around town know well, and it’s a spot that a lot of people will beg to gain entry to.  It’s very hard to get passed the velvet ropes and make your way into the three different varying areas with DJ’s.  Well, we were dressed right, so we got in.

After a few hours of music and dancing there, we decided it was time to go.  Well, on our way out, some totally drunk guy picks a fight with some other equally drunk guy.  What a mess this was turning out to be!  We were trying to avoid this at all costs.  But, the fight spilled over to the bottle service area, where we were trying to hide out and take cover.  But it wasn’t enough.  The fight got bigger, and got bigger, and all of a sudden there were people within mere feet of me pushing and shoving, with security intervening and ready to crack skulls.

Finally, from behind I’m throttled in the back, and all 98 pounds of me went flying into the wall – face first!  

I initially thought I broke my nose, because it was bleeding.  But it wasn’t that – it was my teeth – I was bleeding profusely.  What was I going to do on a late night with necessary dental work?

Fortunately for me, my dentist (in Fort Lauderdale FL) is on call and took my friends frantic call. I went to get emergency work done and well, I can report that all is well now. It’s been 4 days and I’m feeling back to normal.  I have to say, if you are a Miami or Fort Lauderdale resident and looking for the most amazing dentist, check out my trusted source right here.  Without them, I’d probably be in pain without many teeth.  I was going to post photos, but this is a fashion blog and I’m not about to post something so grotesque.  I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Bayview Smiles.



Welcome to My Fashion Blog

Thanks for visiting my fashion blog.  I’m Rene Hernandez, a Miami based fashion student that grew up in the city of Cleveland Ohio.  I attend the fashion school at Miami International and one day hope to be a big time designer!

Please follow along with me as I highlight the top trends each season.

I’ll leave you on my favorite fashion quote:

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.” — Lauren Hutton