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Your Guide to Diamond Shapes

Buying a diamond is not just a significant financial investment, it has a lot of emotion attached to it. Often diamonds are given to a loved one on a very special occasion. That’s why, when buying a diamond, special care must be observed.

Diamonds come in various shapes and sizes and it is very important to know which shape is best for your loved one. Most of the times people who are receiving diamonds as a gift have a shape preference, but if you’re keeping this a secret, then you should at least know the different kinds of shapes of diamonds and how they affect rings and other pieces of jewelry.

I’m hoping that one day I can get the ring of my dreams, but hey, I’m probably a bit young to think about that just yet.  For now, I’m priding myself on educating myself about the various cuts and shapes of diamonds so I can walk in like a boss bitch like my gal Tracy Maltas and talk the game with the sales people!

Popular Shapes of Diamonds

Diamond Ring

Round Diamonds – The round diamond is probably the most popular diamond shape in the world. 75% of all diamonds sold are in round shape because of the mechanics of its shape. The round diamond is easily superior to many other fancy shapes by offering a proper reflection of light, and brightness.

Princess Cut Diamond – The princess cut diamond, like the round diamond, is one of the most popular fancy diamond shapes in the world. It is widely purchased for engagement rings.

Oval Diamonds – Oval cut diamonds are much similar to the round shaped diamonds, however, due to an added advantage of elongated shape, the diamond usually appears larger which makes it appealing to many.

Marquise Diamond – The marquise diamond is long and narrow, allowing it to give an illusion of bigger size. This diamond has the largest surface area of any other diamond when it is observed carat for carat.

Pear Shaped Diamonds – A combination of round and marquise shape, the pear-shaped diamond has a tapered point on one end, making it one of the best diamonds with perfect symmetry.

Cushion Cut Diamond – A square cut diamond with rounded corners, much like how a pillow is shaped. This is a classic cut that has been around for many years. It is one of the most popular diamond shapes next to the round diamond.

Emerald cut Diamond – Emerald cut diamonds are unlike other diamonds because of their unique step cuts. This makes the diamond uniquely shaped that is capable of producing a hall-of-mirrors effect.

Asscher cut diamonds – This diamond is similar to Emerald cut but has a square shape which gives it a larger step facet and a higher crown with a smaller table. This combination delivers more brilliance.

Radiant Cut Diamonds – The Radiant Diamond Cut is essentially a rectangular shaped diamond but has a complete brilliant cut facet pattern applied on the pavilion and crown. This gives the diamond a vibrant look. The modified shape of the square diamond perfectly comments square cornered or rounded diamonds.

Heart Shaped Diamonds – The heart-shaped diamond is a modified brilliant cut that is not only unique but also a symbol of eternal love. This shape is one of the most popular shapes for pendants. The shape requires a diamond larger than .50 carat to look its best.

Learn more about diamonds and the various styles of cuts at


Finding the Best Power Bank Available

If you are out and about, like I am, you are well aware of the fact that your smartphone often runs out of battery when you are out for long periods of time and constantly use your phone connected to the internet. Although phones have come quite far, there is still a recognized problem with battery running out quickly.

I get sooo annoyed when I’m traveling and lose my charge.  Nothing chaps my ass more than running out of batteries.  Lucky for me, and now you, I have found a solid resource to get the truth about which power banks actually work!

What to Look For In Power Bank Reviews

Here’s a sneak peak of where I learned this:

To help you keep your phone running on the go, companies have created power banks which can give your phone a full charge in an emergency. But since there are so many power banks available through different brands, which one should you choose for your phone? We have listed down some of the most important guidelines below that will help you find the best power bank for your phone.

Charge capacity

Every power bank comes with a charge capacity. The capacity is measured in mAH which is synonymous with the amount of charge your phone can hold. When buying the power bank, make sure that the power bank matches your phone’s battery mAH. For example, if your phone has a battery of 1500 mAH, then you should go for a power bank with 1500 mAH. A 1500 mAH battery power bank will give your phone a full charge. If it is less than that, then your phone will only be charged up to 50 – 70%. For larger batteries, get a larger power bank.


Power banks come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the battery size, these can be often quite big and not suitable to carry on the go especially if you intend to carry a power bank in your pockets. So consider the size of the power bank especially if you are going to keep it in your pocket all the time.

USB charging capability

Old power banks come with a separate cable that needs to be carried with you at all times. But the newer ones offer USB charging which means you can use your phone’s charging cable to charge the phone without the worry of carrying the power bank with an attached cable.

Phone support

Make sure the battery pack you are buying supports your phone. Some early versions of power banks do not support certain phone brands. So double check with the manufacturer if the power bank supports all kinds of phones. This is usually determined by the voltage the battery pack runs on.

Tips and Pointers on Choosing a High Quality 2 Carat Diamond Ring

The very best 2 Carat Diamond rings shine, dazzle and really show off their brilliance. It is hard to find a well cut diamond of this carat weight and during the search process you have to pay extra close attention. When making such a large purchase, it is crucial to select the seller, diamond and ring carefully.

There are few key components that must be examined when searching for the perfect 2 Carat Diamond Ring. If you want to get the best value for you hard earned money, it is important to know the basics of selecting a diamond that extraordinarily brilliant and full of life.

The Scarcity Factor

2 carat Diamond RingWhat a 2 Carat Diamond is referring to is simply how much the diamond weighs. What 2 a carat is equal to would be 0.4 grams or400 milligrams. It would be safe to say that a 2 Carat Diamond weighs about the same as half a raisin does. Keep in mind however, that due to their scarcity, you will rarely find a 2 Carat Diamond in a local store, if you do chances are that they will be of a low quality cut.

There are only a few online dealers that offer a variety of 2 Carat Diamonds which are really beautiful . There are differences in beauty and of course naturally there are significant price differences between various diamonds with around 2 carat in weight. Keep in mind however that more expensive doesn’t always equal a better diamond.

As far as pricing is concerned, every diamond is priced per carat. For example, a diamond that is 0.05 carat may cost around $1,400 a carat. The price of the diamond stone would then be $1,400 x 0.50, in other words $700. On top of that, as you reach weight categories that are higher, the price of a diamond per carat will also increase.

When it comes to diamonds, it is more about emotions and feelings and these large pricing jumps might appear to be subjective. They are not however as diamonds with a higher carat weight are much rarer. Plus there are the other diamond 4C factors that might make a huge price difference and add to the confusion. The diamond cut is one of these factors and there are many poorly cut diamond on the market.

Poor Cut Diamonds Comparison

The one and only reason why there are so many diamonds that are poorly cut is the fact that so many people place a higher priority on the carat weight. With that in mind, hopefully this article will help you make a smarter choice and not fall for one of those diamonds.

Basic Checklist

Regardless of the dealer you choose to work with, here are a few tips and pointers to keep in mind:

• Opt for a 2 Carat Diamond that has a GIA Grade of Excellent or an Ideal cut. The aspect that has the greatest impact on the brilliance and fire of a diamond is the cut. In other areas such as Clarity or Color you can reduce that grading, however never compromise on the cut.
• Before completing your purchase, compare cut quality, brilliance and price to other similar diamonds.
• The only 2 Carat Diamonds you should consider are those which carry either a GIA or AGS certificate. These are the two most reliable and trusted grading entities in the industry.
• Seek the assistance of diamond expert when searching for and reviewing diamonds. This can really save you from making a bad choice and also potentially save you lots of money.

How Can I Get the Best Value for a Diamond Ring that is 2 Carat?

2 Carat Diamond DemonstrationNaturally you will want to ask how much a 2 Carat Diamond Ring costs. As crazy as it may sound the price for a 2 Carat Diamond Ring could range anywhere between $5,000 to $60,000. It is easy to find a dull and poorly cut 2 Carat Diamond for even 80% less than what an exceptionally brilliant and Excellent cut Diamond will cost.

If you are looking to buy a diamond that is of a certain carat weight, like a 2 carat Diamond is, than the most important thing should be quality – even if this means slightly reducing your carat weight so that you stay within your budget, the end result will be far more worth it.

To guarantee that the diamond you are considering is in fact exactly what the diamond dealer says it is, make sure that the diamond includes either a GIA or AGS certificate. As mentioned above, these diamond grading entities are two of the most renowned and well respected ones which issue reports for diamonds that are accurate and consistent.

If a diamond seller is trying to persuade you to purchase a diamond that comes with a lab grading from any other entity, the best thing to do is to politely refuse that invitation. This might actually be an indicator that the actual quality of the diamond is far less than what they are making it out to be.

Here is some expert advice to help you select a 2 Carat Diamond that is exquisite but still a good deal for your money:

1. Diamond Shape

Your Personal preference will tell you which diamond shape to select. Most people buy round diamonds. However, some diamond shapes are way cheaper than others. The princess cut diamond for instance will cost 30% less than a round cut diamond with the same carat weight.

8 Diamond shapes

If you compare prices between different diamond shapes it can be a great way to get a more unusual diamond and additionally it can also save you money! Also make sure to match the shape that you choose with a setting which compliments it and offers great stability.

2. Diamond Cut

When it comes to the brilliance and sparkle of a diamond, the diamond cut is hands down the most important factor. When it comes to a 2 Carat Diamond, only choose an Excellent or ideal cut. For larger diamonds especially the cut becomes even more important!

3. Diamond Clarity

When it comes to a VS1 Clarity grade, you cannot see blemishes and inclusions with the naked eye. Although it will cost you more to purchase a higher Clarity grade, for those who do not have magnification tools on hand, it will go unnoticed. You can even pick a VS2 clarity grade and make a great deal on it!

4. Diamond Color

If a diamond is on the G to I range, to the naked eye it will appear colorless and will not cost as much as those in the D to F range. This makes especially sense if you put your diamond on a yellow gold or rose gold ring setting. This is due to the fact that the color of a diamond gets influenced by the surrounding ring metal as well!

In Conclusion

Nowadays, not only has the process of finding a 2 Carat Diamond Ring greatly been improved but it has also been simplified. Websites like Your Diamond Teacher – The Diamond Ring Informational Hub can also be of great help in your search. You can for instance focus on the elements which offer the highest level of beauty and value and pick your diamond strategically this way. Keep the tips and pointers offered in this article in mind and only do business with a diamond dealer that is well respected and has years of experience as well as high quality diamond certificates. This will guarantee that you walk away with a 2 Carat Diamond Ring that is worth your investment.

My Christmas Shopping Adventure

I’m about to go off to my favorite mall in the entire world, Aventura Mall, just north of Miami.  It’s known for being very upscale and affluent, and it’s really a great experience.  There is no other place for me to shop, because Bal Harbour Shops are a bit pricey and only have the uber high end shops.  Aventura, on the other hand, has the big department stores where you can shop for just about anyone.

So begins my Holiday shopping of 2015!

On my list this year is my Dad, who is like, impossible to shop for. He is really into sports, but has about everything you could imagine related to sports and recreation.  I could probably get him some Miami Dolphins apparel, but that’s about as original as a gift certificate.

After some research, I found some really cool stuff on a website called Things Men Buy – Cool stuff for Guys.

It pretty much shored up my holiday shopping for the men in my life:  my father, my brother, and my boyfriend.  On one review, I saw this awesome ugly Christmas sweater by  That is PERFECT for my brother, since he is a super frat boy and goes to all of the zany South Beach parties of all sorts of themes.  He’ll wear that on a Tuesday and not really care either.  He’s just that type of guy.  So that makes things easy.  Some of the sweaters they have there are absolutely hysterical.  Use your imagination and think of sexual innuendos, and this website has it.

Brother – CHECK. 


Well, I kept surfing around for ideas and couldn’t come up with anything super solid.  But on that same product review site for guys I saw something that I know my Dad will like, and that’s the Greg Norman Golf Shirts.  He’s a big golfer and always wears different stuff, so I figure I’ll get him something there.  Done deal!

Dad – CHECK. 

Now, just up to my on again, off again, boyfriend.  That’s always the hardest one to shop for.  I looked up and down that website of things for men, but didn’t see anything for him that would suit his tastes.  He’s more of the fashionista than sports fan like my immediately family, so it’s not so cut and dry.

Officially, I’m losing my mind trying to figure out what to buy him!  Does anyone have any hints?  I mean, gift cards are so lame.  I can’t do that, there is zero creativity behind buying someone special a gift card. I feel like it’s a stock, go-to move if you have someone you have to shop for, but for a boyfriend I think it’s a little lame.

I’m officially opening this up to comments, because I need help.  I’d like to wrap this up in two weeks.  By the way, who said it doesn’t feel like Christmas in South Florida?

pic of santas enchanted forest

My Secret Source for Saving Money on Vapor Products

Over time, I’m going to share with you my passion for #shopping.  Not just shopping, but #shoppingonline.

Yeah, I like to hash tag.  I feel it drives home a point in my writing and it’s just the way I feel!  When I see a hash tag I’m like “BOOM.”

Today I’m going to confess that I’m a huge fan of vapor products.  My friends and I used to be the type who went to hookah bars all the time, but then I found out how bad hookahs are for your


I’m a serial coupon clipper!

health, and I totally quit smoking hookah.  Instead, I turned to vapor products.

Along the way, I found a knack for hunting down ways to save money on this expensive habit.  Today, I’ll share my little hack with you on how I save money on electronic cigarettes and vapor products.

Saving Money on Vapor Products 101

There are hundreds of ecig companies out there, but if you are willing to spend a reasonable amount of money on your first ecig, then Green Smoke should be your first choice. The brand has developed considerably in the years following its launch and now is among the top ecig companies with the most extensive ranges. With a sales record of millions and an innovational strategy towards production, they has the most advanced design in the ecig area today. Flavor Shield is one of their most popular innovations which results in rich vapor and exceptional vapor production. Their ecigs are also able to trap flavor inside the cartridge (in most cases it leaks out of ordinary ecigs causing decreased satisfaction).

The other great thing about Green Smoke is its high manufacturing standards which mean that they don’t import low quality components and that everything is USA sourced from reliable suppliers. All the components are highly tested including the batteries against standards of safety. The batteries are also subjected to airflow tests.

Benefits Of Green Smoke

(I use it for not only the Green Smoke brand, but also for VaporFI.  Vapor FI coupons are very valuable because their devices can be very expensive.)  Not to confuse anyone today though, I’m just going to be talking about Green Smoke since it’s the brand I use on daily basis and most people agree they are the top tier brand that makes simple two piece e-cigs.

There are countless benefits of buying a premium brand such as Green Smoke. First things first, you get a throat hit like no other. Design concerns aside that is the first reason why people prefer this brand. Their ecigs also produce incredible vapor volume which again creates a very satisfying user experience. You also get all the benefits of the ecig technology such as being able to smoke indoors, no carcinogens and no third person risk. Green Smoke also excels in an area which is still a problem issue for most ecig companies even if they are otherwise brilliant. This is the case of removing cartridges and reinstalling them easily. Many brands make the mistake of gluing plastic caps to the cartridge which makes them an absolute chore to remove.


Green Smoke falls somewhat short in the battery department. It appears that their battery isn’t very responsive and that slows down the production of good vapor and also makes charging slightly inconvenient. Furthermore, since the company is a premium ecig brand it is considerably expensive given that you could get the same effect and spend a lot less money for it. The brand name is perhaps more important than the actual worth of the ecig itself. They are an older brand now and since they are consistently coming up with newer technologies, their prices also greatly reflects that. Green Smoke has also prioritized design requirements above all else which means they have limited flavor options so the more choosey vapers are still going to be left wanting despite paying a huge price for the product.

Vaping Performance

Many people who have tried Green Smoke have found it very difficult to stomach the taste of cheaper brands. It seems that their ecig is addictive in itself and they use combinations which cannot be easily replicated by cheaper companies. The vapor volume is considerable and the flavors are magnified even if they are fairly generic such as tobacco blends or menthol. The quality checks that are performed on each batch (only high end companies have this practice) guarantee freshness and brilliant vapor. The company also has affiliations with notable charities and they have a strong policy pro environment. Not to mention strict rules for underage vaping. If you are younger than 18, you cannot purchase a ecig. Their ecigs is one of the few ecigs out there that look exactly like a real cigarette with no different whatsoever. Like many other brands they want to recreate the smoker experience right down to what you see and feel in your throat.

Green Smoke Coupon codes

Like most other brands, the company believes in coupon codes and they appear sometimes on their official website where you order or on forums where the brand lovers discuss their favorite blends and aspects about this almost iconic ecig. These codes are usable on battery purchases, and on purchases of flavors, accessories, extra cartomizers and the like. Since the brand has really high prices, Green Smoke coupon codes are useful for regular purchases such as flavor refills which are needed again and again and for some people in larger amounts.

I can’t stand this company she is promoting, but I’m a big fan of Jenny McCarthy and I thought this sexy video was worth including for people who don’t know much about vaping.