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My Emergency Hair Salon Visit in Riverhead New York

I was in a wedding in Riverhead, New York.  Little did I know I’d be caught in a torrential downpour of rain after a long day of shopping in the City.

Luckily for me, a cousin of mine recommended a hair salon.  I thought to myself, “when will I ever be in a hair salon in Riverhead NY?”

Shopping in NYC

So I end up in Hair Solutions, and they really helped me get my hair whipped back into shape.  I was shocked that they were uber professional, and really handled all my needs.

They were willing and able for me to come in and help me look my best for the big day, and I was very gracious for them being able to take me in there on short notice.  As you can imagine, Riverhead, New York, is not the largest city in the world.

In fact, it’s just north of 33,000 people.  Located on the North Shore of Long Island, this town is predominantly middle class and very normal.  To my amazement, this salon was one of the best things I’ve seen in the salon world.  For real, for such a small area to have such a nice place, it blew me away.  Then again, we were just steps from Long Island, and you know all the stuff they offer over there for the 1%!

This salon offers the following services:

  • Wigs
  • Hair extensions
  • Permanent extensions
  • Keratin treatments
  • Henna tattoos
  • Make Up
  • Waxing
  • Custom cuts for men, women, and children

So I looked great, felt great, and was ready for the wedding.  All in all, I owe a BIG THANK YOU to Hair Solutions for taking care of me.  If you are ever in this area, please check them out.  I’ll post their address because I’m just so grateful at all they did for me.


1149 Old Country Road

County Seat Professional Plaza

Unit B2

Riverhead, NY 11901

Phone (631) 284-9700

You all know I pay close attention to my body and appearance. I really pay attention to my skin, and of course pay attention to what I wear.

After all, I am a fashion diva.  🙂

You can also see the reviews on their Yelp Page.  They have a strong rating, and I’m only going to get it stronger.


Getting Old Sucks

As someone who works in entertainment, I always have to stay up on my good looks.  🙂

As I talked about here, celebrities go to great miles to get rid of their dark under eye circles and other blemishes.  It’s a constant battle to stay beautiful, and in this dog eat dog world, there is always someone trying to up their game and become the next talk of the town.

Today, I’m going to talk about my battle with eye wrinkles.  Otherwise known as “crow’s feet,” these are the nasty spider like lines that emerge from the side of the eyes and start to climb up the face onto the forehead.  Yuck!  They make us look old, and resemble that of a crow’s foot.

My Attempt At Getting Rid of Crow’s Feet With a Cream

So in the past I’ve talked about what I do to look my best.  Today, I took a serious leap of faith and invested in this product, maybe you’ve heard of it.  It’s called “Elite Serum Rx.”  That’s the link to it’s page.  After passing up on botox this month (mostly because my friend Gina did it and I was terrified – check out the video she made below for a skin care website), I decided it was time to invest in something that had the ability to not only get rid of my fine lines but also NOT BE INVASIVE OR CAUSE PAIN.

This is a big thing for me, because I’m terrified of pain and needles!

I found out about this product by reading a ton of eye serum reviews, mainly the ones on this eye serum website.  It talks about how it’s been manufactured in a laboratory in Florida by a pharmacist.  Sounds fancy, right?

Well, there are a number of good reviews, over 600 in fact, on their Amazon page. Their founder writes as an anti aging expert at the Huffington Post, so that should tell you something as well.  They cite science, and the use of the Argireline peptide in the cream, for it’s amazing ability to fight fine lines and make people look younger.  When I did some advanced research, I found that many people are singing praises about this product, especially

Check out the amazing research on this product at the link below:

Argireline peptide studies & report:

You can see the amazing stats and why it’s been heralded by people like Dr. Oz.

Well, mine is in the mail.  I’m officially going to start my 30 day quest to look my best, as I call it around my house.

In addition, I’m doing this cleanse.  I think cleansing should be done at least once a month, although I’m really going to be missing my favorite foods over the next five days.

I’ll be back to update you guys in a few weeks!

Happy Friday!



Edgy Fashion : Straight Outta Fucks to Give Shirts!

Now this is bad ass, with a capital B!

We’ve all seen the famous “Zero Fucks Given” t-shirts made famous by the Chivery.

Well today, my fashionista friends, I have something very cool for you that kind of resonates with the crowd that’s into gangsta rap.  The N.W.A. crowd, if you will.

Straight Outta Fucks T Shirts are Here!

Yep, you can get these shirts at the official zero fucks website.

Straight Out of Fucks Shirt

Yeah, baby!


Above is a pic of the shirt.  Pretty bad ass, right? 

While I’m a pretty stylish gal, I like to show some attitude once in a while.  This shirt does that, and more.  I’ve rocked it around South Beach and always get a pretty solid reaction.  It’s about time someone comes out with another edgy brand to compete with DymeLyfe down here. I love their stuff. If you like the Miami Heat, you HAVE to check out that brand as well.  They have shirts that say “Biscayne Boys,” and even some “Miami Wade County” shirts, making a play on the whole Miami Dade County we basically gave to Miami Heat Star player Dwayne Wade.

I also urge you to check out the official blog of, because they talk about people who truly live the life of not giving a single fuck.  People like these Minnesotans with Hockey Hair, and of course, people like Jaromir Jagr, who was blackmailed by a much younger woman who took a selfie with the star hockey player after sleeping with him.  In true “ZFG” fashion, he didn’t care about it and went as far as saying “post it on social media.  He didn’t care.  Why would he, he’s a 40 something old man who had sex with a much younger woman!  He probably is wearing that like a badge of honor and bragging to his friends about it, knowing most of my male friends they would be doing the same thing.

Anyways, that’s my fashion update for today.  What do you guys think?  Fans of the brand?  Give me a comment below and I’ll be on the look out for anyone wearing these shirts.



Why Don’t Celebs Ever Have Dark Under Eye Circles?

So I was reading this article on Glamour today, and it raised a fantastic question:  why don’t celebrities ever have dark circles under their eyes?

Valid question!  So today I’m going to help convey what they wrote in their article and put my own thoughts on pad and paper – errr – on website. 🙂

So Hillary Duff uses a concealer.  This means she actually has dark circles, yet basically paints over them. Check.

I went over the US News to see what they had on this topic, and I found this amazing video.  Over four million views at the time I wrote this, so I figured it was worth posting.

Definitely give that a watch if this topic is of interest to you.  I’ve watched it a few times and no wonder it gets so many views!

Always looking for fresh takes, I went over to Cosmo and read this article.  If you don’t care to read it, here are my main takeaways.

  1.  Apply SPF under your eyes on a daily basis.  (Pretty much everyone knows this, but nobody actually follows through with it.)
  2. Use an eye cream.  (Duh.  Already using this skin product.)
  3.  Apply a concealer over a corrector.  Sounds like a ton of work.
  4. Use a pink cream blush.  No thanks, I’m already wearing enough makeup!

Those were my main takeaways from the article.  Personally I like to use the best eye serum for dark circles.  If you click that link you’ll see which one I’m talking about.  There is also a great entry about how to get rid of dark under eye circles for real.  Worth a read.

If there is any topic of discussion out there, we all know that Oprah will have an opinion, and probably a series of shows, dedicated to the material.  So I wasn’t shocked when I ran into her site looking for the best tips on getting rid of darkness under the eyes.  Here’s here article, and below are my notes.

  1.  Use an illuminating concealer pen.  ($8.)  Do this beneath any eye bags, and not directly on top of them.  This is KEY.
  2.   For pigmentation, use sunblock.  Okay, we already learned that and it’s a pretty basic fact, but that’s really what we get with Oprah and other talk shows like the Today Show.  It’s always the same information and never anything earth shattering, in my humble opinion.
  3. Use a night cream.  Something with retinoid.  I do this, so I can say that it does work.  Very good tactic, and the night cream doesn’t get enough respect in life overall.

I use a night cream because my skin is uninterrupted at night.  No sun, no environmental issues running interference, nothing of that nature.  My skin gets to rest, recover, and rejuvenate.  That’s why a heavy night cream is always best use at – NIGHT.  You won’t sweat it off.

Sorry to go off on a tangent there, but skin care is a very passionate topic for me and I know a lot about it.  In another life I think I’ll be performing plastic surgery.  Heck, it beats being a professional model!

My Christmas Shopping Adventure

I’m about to go off to my favorite mall in the entire world, Aventura Mall, just north of Miami.  It’s known for being very upscale and affluent, and it’s really a great experience.  There is no other place for me to shop, because Bal Harbour Shops are a bit pricey and only have the uber high end shops.  Aventura, on the other hand, has the big department stores where you can shop for just about anyone.

So begins my Holiday shopping of 2015!

On my list this year is my Dad, who is like, impossible to shop for. He is really into sports, but has about everything you could imagine related to sports and recreation.  I could probably get him some Miami Dolphins apparel, but that’s about as original as a gift certificate.

After some research, I found some really cool stuff on a website called Things Men Buy – Cool stuff for Guys.

It pretty much shored up my holiday shopping for the men in my life:  my father, my brother, and my boyfriend.  On one review, I saw this awesome ugly Christmas sweater by  That is PERFECT for my brother, since he is a super frat boy and goes to all of the zany South Beach parties of all sorts of themes.  He’ll wear that on a Tuesday and not really care either.  He’s just that type of guy.  So that makes things easy.  Some of the sweaters they have there are absolutely hysterical.  Use your imagination and think of sexual innuendos, and this website has it.

Brother – CHECK. 


Well, I kept surfing around for ideas and couldn’t come up with anything super solid.  But on that same product review site for guys I saw something that I know my Dad will like, and that’s the Greg Norman Golf Shirts.  He’s a big golfer and always wears different stuff, so I figure I’ll get him something there.  Done deal!

Dad – CHECK. 

Now, just up to my on again, off again, boyfriend.  That’s always the hardest one to shop for.  I looked up and down that website of things for men, but didn’t see anything for him that would suit his tastes.  He’s more of the fashionista than sports fan like my immediately family, so it’s not so cut and dry.

Officially, I’m losing my mind trying to figure out what to buy him!  Does anyone have any hints?  I mean, gift cards are so lame.  I can’t do that, there is zero creativity behind buying someone special a gift card. I feel like it’s a stock, go-to move if you have someone you have to shop for, but for a boyfriend I think it’s a little lame.

I’m officially opening this up to comments, because I need help.  I’d like to wrap this up in two weeks.  By the way, who said it doesn’t feel like Christmas in South Florida?

pic of santas enchanted forest

My Awful Slip and Fall

So I was out in lovely South Beach this weekend when some drunk person totally messed up my life.  

I didn’t want to come and tell this story online and have everyone know about it, but I figured it was worth telling because there is a good ending.  Anyone living in Miami / Fort Lauderdale can certainly appreciate where I’m coming from with this story because finding reliable help in any service industry is darn right impossible!

So, I’m out with my girls.  We have a few drinks at the posh, lovely Delano Hotel.  If you haven’t been there, it’s a paradise!  It’s right on the water, and has scenic views of the beach amidst a tropical pool setting.  Celebrities are everywhere at this lavish hotel.  They always have been.  Even Jay Z raps about it.  It’s really a cool, chic spot.

So we start there and have a few of their specialty cocktails.  Check out the video to see how awesome and gorgeous this hotel is!

After a lovely time there, we make our way to the more “aggressive” club scene.  Cameo!  Cameo is a big time club that used to be called Crobar.  It’s a spot that most people around town know well, and it’s a spot that a lot of people will beg to gain entry to.  It’s very hard to get passed the velvet ropes and make your way into the three different varying areas with DJ’s.  Well, we were dressed right, so we got in.

After a few hours of music and dancing there, we decided it was time to go.  Well, on our way out, some totally drunk guy picks a fight with some other equally drunk guy.  What a mess this was turning out to be!  We were trying to avoid this at all costs.  But, the fight spilled over to the bottle service area, where we were trying to hide out and take cover.  But it wasn’t enough.  The fight got bigger, and got bigger, and all of a sudden there were people within mere feet of me pushing and shoving, with security intervening and ready to crack skulls.

Finally, from behind I’m throttled in the back, and all 98 pounds of me went flying into the wall – face first!  

I initially thought I broke my nose, because it was bleeding.  But it wasn’t that – it was my teeth – I was bleeding profusely.  What was I going to do on a late night with necessary dental work?

Fortunately for me, my dentist (in Fort Lauderdale FL) is on call and took my friends frantic call. I went to get emergency work done and well, I can report that all is well now. It’s been 4 days and I’m feeling back to normal.  I have to say, if you are a Miami or Fort Lauderdale resident and looking for the most amazing dentist, check out my trusted source right here.  Without them, I’d probably be in pain without many teeth.  I was going to post photos, but this is a fashion blog and I’m not about to post something so grotesque.  I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Bayview Smiles.



My Secret Source for Saving Money on Vapor Products

Over time, I’m going to share with you my passion for #shopping.  Not just shopping, but #shoppingonline.

Yeah, I like to hash tag.  I feel it drives home a point in my writing and it’s just the way I feel!  When I see a hash tag I’m like “BOOM.”

Today I’m going to confess that I’m a huge fan of vapor products.  My friends and I used to be the type who went to hookah bars all the time, but then I found out how bad hookahs are for your


I’m a serial coupon clipper!

health, and I totally quit smoking hookah.  Instead, I turned to vapor products.

Along the way, I found a knack for hunting down ways to save money on this expensive habit.  Today, I’ll share my little hack with you on how I save money on electronic cigarettes and vapor products.

Saving Money on Vapor Products 101

There are hundreds of ecig companies out there, but if you are willing to spend a reasonable amount of money on your first ecig, then Green Smoke should be your first choice. The brand has developed considerably in the years following its launch and now is among the top ecig companies with the most extensive ranges. With a sales record of millions and an innovational strategy towards production, they has the most advanced design in the ecig area today. Flavor Shield is one of their most popular innovations which results in rich vapor and exceptional vapor production. Their ecigs are also able to trap flavor inside the cartridge (in most cases it leaks out of ordinary ecigs causing decreased satisfaction).

The other great thing about Green Smoke is its high manufacturing standards which mean that they don’t import low quality components and that everything is USA sourced from reliable suppliers. All the components are highly tested including the batteries against standards of safety. The batteries are also subjected to airflow tests.

Benefits Of Green Smoke

(I use it for not only the Green Smoke brand, but also for VaporFI.  Vapor FI coupons are very valuable because their devices can be very expensive.)  Not to confuse anyone today though, I’m just going to be talking about Green Smoke since it’s the brand I use on daily basis and most people agree they are the top tier brand that makes simple two piece e-cigs.

There are countless benefits of buying a premium brand such as Green Smoke. First things first, you get a throat hit like no other. Design concerns aside that is the first reason why people prefer this brand. Their ecigs also produce incredible vapor volume which again creates a very satisfying user experience. You also get all the benefits of the ecig technology such as being able to smoke indoors, no carcinogens and no third person risk. Green Smoke also excels in an area which is still a problem issue for most ecig companies even if they are otherwise brilliant. This is the case of removing cartridges and reinstalling them easily. Many brands make the mistake of gluing plastic caps to the cartridge which makes them an absolute chore to remove.


Green Smoke falls somewhat short in the battery department. It appears that their battery isn’t very responsive and that slows down the production of good vapor and also makes charging slightly inconvenient. Furthermore, since the company is a premium ecig brand it is considerably expensive given that you could get the same effect and spend a lot less money for it. The brand name is perhaps more important than the actual worth of the ecig itself. They are an older brand now and since they are consistently coming up with newer technologies, their prices also greatly reflects that. Green Smoke has also prioritized design requirements above all else which means they have limited flavor options so the more choosey vapers are still going to be left wanting despite paying a huge price for the product.

Vaping Performance

Many people who have tried Green Smoke have found it very difficult to stomach the taste of cheaper brands. It seems that their ecig is addictive in itself and they use combinations which cannot be easily replicated by cheaper companies. The vapor volume is considerable and the flavors are magnified even if they are fairly generic such as tobacco blends or menthol. The quality checks that are performed on each batch (only high end companies have this practice) guarantee freshness and brilliant vapor. The company also has affiliations with notable charities and they have a strong policy pro environment. Not to mention strict rules for underage vaping. If you are younger than 18, you cannot purchase a ecig. Their ecigs is one of the few ecigs out there that look exactly like a real cigarette with no different whatsoever. Like many other brands they want to recreate the smoker experience right down to what you see and feel in your throat.

Green Smoke Coupon codes

Like most other brands, the company believes in coupon codes and they appear sometimes on their official website where you order or on forums where the brand lovers discuss their favorite blends and aspects about this almost iconic ecig. These codes are usable on battery purchases, and on purchases of flavors, accessories, extra cartomizers and the like. Since the brand has really high prices, Green Smoke coupon codes are useful for regular purchases such as flavor refills which are needed again and again and for some people in larger amounts.

I can’t stand this company she is promoting, but I’m a big fan of Jenny McCarthy and I thought this sexy video was worth including for people who don’t know much about vaping.

The Stylish New Design of Elite Serum Rx

Fashion models and us ugly people alike both know the importance of skin care.  Proper skin care goes a long way to letting people know you live a clean, healthy lifestyle.  But, in the case of fashion models, there is no substitute for healthy skin. It’s the norm.  For this reason, I’m digging into my skin care routine and talking about something that changed up recently in one of my favorite eye serums.  

Anti aging products seem to be popping up everywhere these days with promises of making us look younger by the day. It seems everyone promises they can turn back our clock with some magic formula that we are to apply to our face on a daily basis.

Well, one product I’ve used for the last year – one that I swear by – got a much needed makeover.  It’s called the Elite Serum Rx, and it’s made by a laboratory in South Florida.  The same people who make it also operate other skin care brands, but this if by far their best product.

Elite Serum Rx and It’s Makeover

The product itself is rather funky.  It’s sold in a very unique, eye-catching airless syringe style pump.  It doesn’t hurt!  Don’t worry, it’s not like botox or a liquid facelift where there is some sort of dermal filler!  It’s actually a very fresh, smooth serum that glides onto the skin and covers up any signs of aging we get as we age.  The normal ones I get are dark circles and puffiness, but it works on eye wrinkles as well. I’m not old enough for those to get onto  my face, but one day, I certainly will be!

So, the big makeover I was talking about is the packaging.  You see, the product, until a few days ago, showed up at my door with just a bubbled wrapped style mailer and a product on the inside.  It’s one of the most expensive eye serums you can buy, but it didn’t even include a box!  I’m sure many people were turned off by it, but since it worked, I stuck with the product.

Now, it’s a product I feel proud about gifting to other people.  It has a new luxury appeal to go along with it’s luxury price point.  It’s one of the coolest pieces of cosmetic packaging I’ve seen in ages.  It’s really sharp, hip, and smart.  It reminds me of an Iphone box, to be honest.  Here’s a product photo do you can see what I’m talking about.


Elite Serum Rx Box

Elite Serum Rx and it’s new box!

Since I’m not the best at talking about products, I figured this YouTube video would really be the best thing to show you how the new product looks. It talks about how it’s in Vanessa’s skin care routine and really shows it off.

Summer 2015 Gets Very Weird

So, Summer is coming right up.  Seriously, what is Spring anyways?  It’s about a 4 week stretch that runs after Easter Sunday and just encourages the light pinks, the off greens, and the canary yellow colors!  I feel like “Spring” is just a term made up to sell my clothing and create another season.  It really only exists in a few States in the USA, and let’s face it, nobody says “oh remember that Spring in 1978?”  They always refer to the Summer as the best season, so today I’m going to talk about some of the top stuff I see coming on the market this Summer.

Summer Fashion 2015

First, let’s look at some of the labels I’m going to be looking at.

Gucci – here is a look at their Spring / Summer campaign.

Gucci is always one of those brands that love ’em or hate ’em, they always bring it.  They make a bold statement and stick to their guns, so to speak.  You can always count on class combined with flash when you see anything by this top flight Italian brand.

Dolce & Gabanna – I read this first in Vogue Magazine, and WOW.  I was stunned.  Take a look at the below pics.  Please, someone, answer me, how is this “SUMMER?”  I mean come on, this looks like a Christmas fashion show if you ask me!  But then again, maybe that’s why I’m a student just coming up the ranks and why I’m not someone you should really count on for fashion tips!  Just joking, you know I really want to be looked at as someone who can be counted on for fashion advice, but I guess these bizarre outfits just really eat at me sometimes.  I mean look at these photos below and let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

Fur Coat Dolce & Gabanna

A fur coat, perfect for Summer?

Dolce & Gabanna Coat

This looks like something you’d see a King wearing in medieval times or something!

We can all agree that these are hideous, right? I mean, even the most lavish designers out there have to have an opinion for stuff that just doesn’t fit the season, and in my humble, tongue-in-cheek opinion, these are NOT Summer wardrobes.






Welcome to My Fashion Blog

Thanks for visiting my fashion blog.  I’m Rene Hernandez, a Miami based fashion student that grew up in the city of Cleveland Ohio.  I attend the fashion school at Miami International and one day hope to be a big time designer!

Please follow along with me as I highlight the top trends each season.

I’ll leave you on my favorite fashion quote:

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.” — Lauren Hutton