Advertising & Disclosures

As my young website gains traction and starts to get more readership, I’d like to be able to sell advertising.

I’m not super dialed in to the whole advertising on line deal yet, but what I’d like to do for now is to review products in the fashion space.

I”m totally open to the idea of accepting clothing or apparel in exchange for an honest review.  Should I post a review of the product, it will state “Sponsored Review,” this way everyone knows I got the product free of charge in exchange for the branding that would come with the product review – whether it be good or bad – PR is PR.  That’s my policy and full disclosure.

If you do NOT see a “Sponsored review” on any piece of information on the site, you can assume I just went off the cuff and decided to say whatever I said about the product or service on my own time and for my own reasons.

Hope these disclosures make sense.  If you want to talk more about it, fill out my contact form.

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