About Me

As you know from my intro paragraph on the home page, I’m Rene.


This is me at my favorite sushi restaurant. I’m a sucker for fresh sashimi.

Other than that, what would you like to know?  I’ll give you the basics.

One cat, one dog.  Huge cat, little dog.  I’m sort of a contrarian.

I like to read, jog, and travel.

Golf is a sport that is supposed to relax people, but I only look at it from a fashion point of view.  So I don’t play (my BF does) but I spectate all day long as people chase that little white ball around the course.

My favorite color is pink.

My favorite place to go is the beach.  (So much fashion there.)

I’m a Leo (GRRRR).

That’s about all, I think!

Thanks for your readership.



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